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Hosting Teen or Becoming a Counselor

Teen / Family Hosting
The 2021 project is currently on-hold waiting for a decision from our counterparts in Belfast.  Of course, the decision will be made with the health and safety of all participating in mind.  However, we are still in search of host teens in the event that 2021 is a go!

A sample schedule is available at JULY 2017-CALENDAR-2017

Activities are planned on a daily basis. The Mahoning Valley Ulster Project will pay for all event expenses of both the Northern Irish teens and the American host teen. Carpooling is available.  Interested in applying to be a host teen?   Application is available for download.  Any additional questions or have an application to submit contact Greg Hartz.

More Info Contact:
Greg Hartz
Telephone number: 330-770-1440

Email Address : GTKMR@AOL.COM

Counselors position: 

Each year we look for two young adults ( one male and one female) to serve as our Ulster Project counselors.  We need one male and one female who will act as liaisons between the host teens and the members of the Ulster Project committee, especially the CO-Directors and Youth Coordinators.  The counselors should come from a Christian background and be willing to participate in helping faith-based (mini) retreats and discussion sessions.  Counselors should be at least 21 years of age.  Counselors are required to be at all Ulster Project activities listed on the monthly calendar and to help the American Host Teens stay connected after the departure of the Northern Irish Teens.  There is a stipend for the month and all event expenses are paid for by the Ulster Project.

If you would like more information on the counselors position please email:

If you would like to submit an application for the position, download and complete the CounselorApplication The application can be submitted by via e-mail or mail.