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Quotes by our teens.

I participated in the Ulster Project, Mahoning Valley in 2006. The project had a massive impact on my life in ways that is still continuing help me today. Aside from the experience of a month with different types of people living inside each others pockets, the program itself broadened my mindset and gave me perspectives that I may never have gained had I not been on the project. Today, I run two businesses and the skills of communication and understanding that I was taught on a new level through the project, are core to what I do. Thank you to the Project team in Mahoning Valley!
Rachel McMullin | Ulster Project 2006

I participated in the Ulster Project 2 years in a row. While both years were life changing, the time I spent in the ulster project during 2006 provided me with some of the most wonderful experiences and closest friends. The individual I was partnered is still a major part of my family today. He was able to come back for my 21st birthday, wedding, and what I am sure will be more benchmarking moments in my life. The project truly prepares you and helps to grow your leadership skills, but also brings some truly wonderful people in your life that will help you grow into a wonderful person.
Patrick Shelton | Ulster Project 2005 – 2006

“Ulster was a life changing experience – it allowed me to develop life long friends.”
Brendan K

“I had the most meaningful summer – I made new friends and had unforgettable experiences.”
Faith L

The Ulster Project was a great experience.  I gained new friends from around the Youngstown area and also across the world in Northern Ireland.  I learned how to get along better with different types of people and also how to get to know someone before judging them.  It was easily the best experience of my life.  Every day was something new for an entire month and we were constantly moving around.  Throughout the month we did fun activities, service projects, traveled all over Youngstown and some areas around here and partied.  There was no part of the month that was ever boring or wasted.

In the first two days, we got to know each other.  Every day after that we all knew each other and got along very good together.  Many of the people that hosted a teen in the Ulster Project go and visit them again or have the teen come back to the United States.  By doing the Ulster Project, I formed a life-long relationship with someone that lives on the other side of the world.

The Ulster Project is great.  I can’t say enough about it except that I’m very glad that I did it.  John C